Chloe | Alwood High School Class of 2017

I only spoke briefly with Chloe and her mother before officially meeting them at the salon before her session. Chloe chose to include our talented HMUA, Courtney, to get the most out of her session with several hair style and makeup changes throughout her collection. 

I almost cried when she pulled out this darling little hat to use with her (what I kept calling) palm tree shirt. Don't ask me why. I have no idea why. I suppose it was the colors and pattern that reminded me of a cruise through the Bahamas or something fancy like that. Now that I type that out, I'm pretty positive I sounded a little crazy because it literally looks nothing like a palm tree. Ha!

We ended up traveling around Wyoming since we chose to incorporate the studio for her last outfit and I am SO happy how every single one of these shots turned out! I'm basically obsessed with her contagious smile and her wardrobe choices!

Scroll down to see my favorites from Chloe's session.