Breana & Jake | New Windsor Barn Wedding

This is one of my favorite couples EVER. Hands down.

I met Jake through mutual friends back in high school, but we lost touch afterward and that was that. Fast forward 8 years and I get an message from Jake telling me that he and Breana are engaged and would like to have me for their wedding – talk about excited! I had never met Breana before, but upon our first meeting I instantly knew that we were a great fit. Her and Jake are incredibly laid back, goofy, and sweet – my kind of people! Not only do they compliment each other perfectly, but they light up everyone around them as well.

We had the most beautiful summer day for their wedding. We were drenched in sunlight and not a cloud was to be seen. And the werewolf mask! Oh, the mask. You'll see that a little farther down. It was a huge staple of the evening and nobody could keep a straight face when it was around! 

I absolutely loved this wedding and all of the amazing people involved. I am so thrilled to have amazing clients like these – they are the reason I love this job so much!

Scroll down to see my favorites from Breana and Jake's gorgeous day!