Nicole & Jacob | Mid-Summer Farm Wedding


I adore shooting weddings, there's no question about it. I consider it the best part of my job. A wedding really gains brownie points for me when I get to work with those that I know personally in life. I remember high school events with Nicole, riding the bus, and passing her in the halls never dreaming that one day I would play a key role in the most important day of her life.

There was something so special about the quiet looks Nicole and Jacob shared with one another when nobody was watching. There were plenty of these looks throughout their big day – during their ceremony and among their friends and family, of course – but my favorite was a particular moment when the ceremony had ended, the bridal party had gone, and they stood there, alone in a field, holding one another as a married couple for the first time, and it was as if time had stopped. The smiles on their faces and giddy laughs couldn't have been wiped away for anything which gave me the opportunity to photograph a perfect range of the rawest emotions of pure joy and happiness.

As with any wedding in the middle of summer, there's always the gamble that it will be incredibly hot. This just so happened to be the case on Nicole and Jacob's big day which I halfway expected considering this summer has been unusually steamy compared to last year. I was really impressed with how well everyone in the bridal party handled it considering I made them stand in the sweltering heat to snap nearly all of their photos. Sorry again, guys!

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