Diana & Jeff | Sunset Waterfront Engagement


Meet Diana and Jeff. They are a totally sweet, totally carefree, totally in love couple that I've had the pleasure of knowing for many years. Okay, not entirely. I've only known Diana for many years – this gorgeous woman is one of my biggest supporters and has been around since the very beginning of my interest that eventually evolved into my professional business, going on seven years now. Let me explain.

I met Diana in 2012 which, in hindsight, isn't as long ago as I had thought when beginning this blog post. We ended up meeting at a shoot and we hit it off instantly – it was one of those "we're already close and I don't even know you" kind of relationships. We didn't grow up together, we didn't share friends, yet we felt like we had known each other for decades. That's why, when she contacted me 3+ years later about her engagement, it's almost as if time hadn't skipped a beat. I was SO EXCITED. I was excited to see her again, excited to have a totally fun shoot, and mostly, I was excited to meet Jeff – the mystery man that Diana had fallen in love with. Not to mention we've run into each other at more than a few weddings I've shot over the course of the past couple of years. Basically, it was meant to be!

You wouldn't believe how these two melted together. They were in love, carefree, and absolutely giddy. When I met Jeff for the first time at their session, he was polite and possibly a bit skeptical about the next two hours ahead of him. This session was one of my favorites and it was an absolute joy to photograph these two. Scroll down to see more of my favorites from this gorgeous, color-popped engagement!