Melissa + Stephen | Zion Coffee Bar Engagement Session

I'm completely obsessed with engagement sessions that fall out of my "normalcy" zone. I have scoured Peoria and all surrounding areas for my absolute favorite locations (and believe me, I have many!), but when someone takes me somewhere I've yet to go or suggests something completely out of the ordinary, I will always jump at the chance! For instance, this session with Melissa and Stephen at Peoria's own Zion Coffee Bar.

This is one of Melissa and Stephen's favorite coffee bars that they frequent often, which is why she suggested it in the first place. It's been a dream of mine to shoot a coffee shop session. They're intimate, cozy, and downright gorgeous – but this shop. This shop is light, airy, and so modern it hurts. It's an actual dream! We then made our way through the streets of Downtown, ending with full access to the Peoria Civic Center and a seriously gorgeous pink sequined dress. The chemistry between these two is INSANE and it was such a fun, relaxed evening full of snuggles, smiles, and sunshine!

Keep scrolling to see some of my favorites from Melissa + Stephen's cozy engagement.