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"I had such an amazing experience with my senior pictures and i'm so glad i chose andrea godfrey photography! it was so stress-free, especially since i did one hair + makeup look with tierney. i absolutely loved how my hair and makeup turned out!

Andrea is so talented and definitely knows what she is doing. she asked to see my outfits ahead of time to choose the best locations for each of them. she made sure everything was perfect before she took the picture and even made sure every hair was in place! she made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire experience and walked me through each pose.


i've never felt comfortable getting my picture taken, but she was so positive the whole time and made me feel so confident! she had so many great spots to shoot, and poses that i was skeptical about but turned out looking great!

it was a long process with hair and makeup and then the actual shoot, but it flew right by and was well worth it. i loved every minute of my session with andrea and would highly recommend it. she is absolutely wonderful and has a great personality!"






Orion high school | class of 2017

"My experience with Andrea was very fun and energetic! She made it very enjoyable and had so many creative ideas. I loved every second of it and can't wait to see the final product! 

Andrea definitely knows how to make someone feel natural in front of the camera! She had so many good ideas and always helped me with poses, she was so positive and made the overall experience great! We went over my outfit choices before the shoot and she was a lot of help. I loved the session and couldn't have hoped for anything better!

"My favorite part was how outgoing she was and how comfortable she made me feel!"

I didn't have many nerves or worries beforehand, just concerns that I made the right outfit choices and that I would feel comfortable. She quickly made all of my doubt diminish and made me feel so confident! She was easy to talk to and always made sure my hair, makeup, poses, etc. looked great! I loved every second of my shoot. 

To other seniors thinking of hiring Andrea, I would say "DO IT!!!!!" You'll feel absolutely gorgeous and confident. She has the best ideas, definitely knows what she's doing, and has plenty of experience to make you satisfied with your pictures!



"My experience was amazing with Andrea! She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful! I loved how she told me to do everything, and I loved how she solved any problem I threw at her. I really felt like Andrea cared about how I was feeling during the whole shoot, I loved every minute of it!

Of course Andrea made me feel comfortable! She helped me with all of the poses and the thing I loved most about her is that she would make nice comments about my pictures that made me feel super confident. As a whole, I loved my shoot!

"The thing I loved most about her is that she would make nice comments about my pictures that made me feel super confident!"

I was worried at first because I didn't know Andrea, but after the first set I felt really comfortable around her. Her comments really made me feel confident in myself.

My favorite part was doing all of the different poses she suggested and hanging out with Andrea and Courtney. And of course my other favorite part was getting my hair and makeup done under a bridge and changing in Hooter's. Ha!





Emma's Mom

From start to finish, Emma's experience with Andrea was perfect! Andrea made her feel comfortable right away – it was very obvious watching Andrea that this is her passion. Whenever she got a shot she loved, she always said so and that made Emma feel more and more confident as the session went on. Andrea is fun, yet professional. What a great experience!

Andrea was go to about communicating to Emma what she wanted and did it in a way that made it fun. Andrea gave suggestions for which outfits would look best at each location and she also chose the final outfit. She made perfect choices!

We decided last minute that we would like someone to do Emma's hair and makeup for her. Andrea worked very hard to make that happen. The makeup was gorgeous and we are so appreciative that Andrea went above and beyond to make that happen on such short notice! 

From a mom's perspective, I love how Andrea pulled emma's personality out! The sneak peeks show the happy, fun-loving girl my daughter is. Andrea was able to show that so well. I am so impressed! 

I 100% recommend Andrea to others! The entire experience was perfect. It is quite obvious that Andrea loves what she does. Her work is amazing and she is kind and fun as well. What a perfect combination!

"Andrea has such a fun personality and she definitely made the experience more comfortable and relaxed. I have never been a fan of getting my picture taken, but she made it enjoyable!

Andrea was easy to understand. When she posed me, I knew exactly what she was wanting and it made the session a lot easier! Our session was great! I had four different outfit changes and two different locations. It turned out perfect!

"I love how every outfit I had she knew exactly where to go!"

I wasn't too nervous or worried about anything so much as I simply don't like my picture getting taken, but she was fun to be around and it made me feel comfortable. My favorite part of the session would have to be the perfect locations! I love how every outfit I had she knew exactly where to go! I did not have a least favorite part – it was new and awesome and an experience I will never forget.

Andrea makes it easy so don't stress or worry about a thing. Just remember to add some color to your wardrobe!"




"Andrea is an incredibly talented photographer. She made me feel very comfortable posing and she took amazing photographs! Not only is she an amazing photographer, she didn't fail to keep a smile on my face the entire time. I had so much fun during my session, I scheduled another!

Andrea helped so much with my last minute wardrobe selections. I didn't narrow down my outfit collection until the night before my session. I actually sent Andrea photos of my outfits late that night and she stayed up helping me decide!

"I had so much fun during my session, I scheduled another!"

My favorite part of the session was when I blew flower petals. I wasn't very good at it at first, but Andrea was very supportive and gave me enough positive criticism that after a few tries we were able to get the look I wanted. My least favorite part was working in the humid weather, but nobody is at fault for that!

I would most definitely recommend Andrea Godfrey to others! She has an eye for detail and is able to capture your personality in a single photograph."




Chloe's Mom

Andrea did a very good job bringing out Chloe's true personality! She is very relaxed and creative which made for a very pleasant afternoon and evening. Andrea helped us decide with outfits would work best and picked the locations based on the outfits! She kept us very involved at all times.

I was never worried about anything, I have seen her work and it is excellent! I loved shooting in the road because it really showed how flexible Andrea is! There was tons of traffic which made for lots of fun and plenty of laughs.

I loved the entire session and have already recommended her to others!

"My experience with Andrea was one I will never forget! I am not one who normally feels good while getting her picture taken but she made me feel beautiful! She had me try several different things, including some ideas that I thought of myself, and I loved the entire session!

Andrea had no problem making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She would comment on my pictures as she was taking them and made me feel very pretty at all times. She literally posed me in some of my shots. That's actually something I loved is having her place me exactly where she wanted me. She helped me with my wardrobe and we chose what outfits I would wear together and decided my hair and makeup based on my outfits. My session was unforgettable!

"I am not one who normally feels good while getting their picture taken, but she made me feel beautiful!"

I was extremely nervous before my session because I had never had my pictures taken professionally before. I explained to Andrea before my session some things I was nervous about and by the end of my session I was no longer nervous about anything!

My favorite part of my session was going out into the middle of a bean field for that perfect shot with some beautiful flowers. Another part I really enjoyed was trying all of the new things I had never done before. I did not have a least favorite part of my session, honestly. Everything was fun and it was gorgeous out. If I had to find something to choose, it would probably be how warm it was outside.

I had my pictures taken yesterday and I have already recommended Andrea. I will absolutely, without a doubt, recommend her to anyone and everyone. I would say, "Get her booked right this minute because her pictures are amazing and she is worth every cent!"



"Shooting with Andrea was so fun! She was so easy to work with as far as scheduling and trying to work around my crazy schedule and the unpredictable weather. I trusted her with taking my photos right from the start, partly from her amazing photography background and also because of how warm and welcoming she is! Her and her assistant made a great team and I felt in great hands the whole shoot.

It is clear Andrea has true artistic talent and it shows in her great fashion sense and style. I did not have my outfits completely put together upon arriving at my session, and Andrea gave me pointers on what I should wear with what. I did not have to ask many questions because Andrea was so clear and gave great explanations on each pose or movement she wanted from me! I really felt like she cared about me and my session and she was so willing to work with me to create a perfect, personalized experience.  

"I felt confident and comfortable the whole session, and Andrea's positivity and excitement made it that way."

My favorite part of the session was when I got to take some photos with my french horn. Music is a huge part of who I am and having those pictures will always be a great reminder of what I love. I think it is special that Andrea like to incorporate your own personality into your photos to make the shoot unique to you! My least favorite part, if I HAD to pick something, would be standing in the cold, murky lake water! Andrea did not know I have a secret fear of lake water and all the creatures in it, but this part of the shoot actually made me overcome that fear! It may have been cold, but it was totally worth it for the great shots.

I recommend Andrea to anyone looking for high-quality, professional photos and a memorable experience! From my senior session alone, my mother now wants to book a family session with Andrea! I would tell any seniors that whether you are experienced in front of the camera or not, Andrea will make you look like a superstar! It will be a fun experience full of laughs, and Andrea simply does not know how to take a bad photo."



"Every experience I have had with Andrea Godfrey was one that I will never forget! I felt honored to have my pictures taken by a nationally-known photographer. The session was filled with so many laughs and I loved every single second of it, her talents seriously blow my mind. Her natural skill of knowing where I should be, with what setting, with each outfit, with different lighting is amazing! Her experience and creativity with photography makes my experience unforgettable.

"My least favorite part was that we had to quit shooting!"

In the days leading up to my session, Andrea helped me so much in choosing what outfits to bring, what accessories to use, and what colors I should wear. Coming into the session, she had already made me feel confident and beautiful. During the session, Andrea told me how to pose which helped a lot! But she also gave me the freedom to do what I wanted to do as well. Overall, I was excited before my session, loved everything during my session, and couldn't wait to see my pictures after the session.

Her fresh and trendy style makes every picture one to fall in love with – every moment was my favorite! To other seniors who are thinking about hiring Andrea – hire her if you want amazing pictures because amazing is all that she delivers! Her work is incredible and no one should miss out!"



"My experience with Andrea Godfrey Photography was amazing. Andrea definitely loves what she does and it truly shines through in her work. She takes every aspect into detail when shooting: outfit, hair, makeup, location, lighting. All of the laughs we shared during my photoshoots was definitely my favorite part of the entire process. 

"I felt like a superstar the entire time and felt so comfortable in front of the camera. This was THE best decision I made for myself."

Whether it was almost dropping my phone in a cow patty or Andrea almost losing her camera in the lake, we always had fun and were laughing which was so important to me. I felt like a superstar the entire time and felt so comfortable in front of the camera! This was THE best decision I made for myself.

Hands down, hire Andrea for your senior portraits, you won't regret it. Look through her work and you will fall in love. I'm so glad I did. She truly does put detail and personal touches in every session which is great for individuality and to stand out amongst your classmates."



"I don't think I could have had a better experience having senior pictures taken. Andrea thinks about every little detail. She picks what outfit would look best with what location, always helps so your hair looks great, and makes sure the lighting is always perfect. All of her pictures are outstanding, and I loved every second of my time spent with her!

"This experience was one I will never forget!"

It's impossible to pick a favorite part of my senior portrait experience when the whole session is a blast! We were laughing the whole time and had so much fun together. I cannot wait to see my pictures because there is no doubt in my mind that I will love them!

Every senior should contact Andrea right now and schedule a session with her! She is phenomenal at what she does, and I guarantee you will love every picture she takes. The experience and pictures are worth every penny!"



"My experience was a blast! Andrea is so personable and has the ability to make the most awkward model (me) feel like a natural. Her constant flow of creative and fresh ideas make her photos one of a kind. My portraits were not just a reflection of me, but my personality and who I am as a person; and that's why I love working with Andrea!

"Her expertise is always above and beyond!"

The beautiful thing about working with Andrea is that you never have to fake a smile because her spunky personality is always making you laugh. You never feel insecure or uncomfortable in front of the lens with her because she is a true professional. If you want the best for your pictures, Andrea is your girl!



"My portrait session with Andrea was such a fun experience! I wasn't sure going into it how it would be, but she made me feel very comfortable and made it SO easy! 

"She made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera – it was SO easy!"

I will recommend her to all of my friends and underclassmen for next year that they need Andrea Godfrey Photography to do their pictures!"