Newborn Hammock Photography Prop + Matching Pillow

Newborn Hammock Photography Prop + Matching Pillow


Our Newborn Hammock Photography Prop is perfect for those creative shots during your newborn sessions! This hammock is lightweight, collapsable, and stained and sealed (or only sealed for natural stands).

(Pictured: Dark Hammock + Beige Fabric and Pillow + Dowel Rod Connection)


Dowel Rod: If you select this option, the main dowel rod must be glued in with wood glue upon arrival – this avoids high shipping costs by shipping it completely assembled and creates a more uniform look without bolts. 

Bolts: Choosing a bolt connection would omit the large middle dowel at the center of the hammock and would allow for the hammock to be collapsed, and stored. These bolts would be able to be Photoshopped out if you prefer the uniform look of the Dowel Rod connection.

The "pepper"-textured fabric is durable, medium weight fabric with thick, layered stitching, and non-irritable.

The two dowels located at the top that hold the hammock fabric are unsecured, allowing you to remove them to change and wash your hammock fabric.

The pillow will be made to match your choice of fabric unless otherwise specified.

This item is made to order and will be shipped in 3-5 days from the time your order is placed.

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